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key to success in fish culture

key to success in fish culture

when we talk about the fish will not be separated from food, eating is a necessity of human routine. Fish is one of the provider of nutrition for humans because of the fish contains many useful proteins for the human body.
with the population growth increased the demand for fish is increasing.

To provide for those needs we will not only give priority to the production of fish from catch it, because if kept mengandalan production of the catch to potential overfishing especially when fishing out of hand. to satisfy the needs of the fish we need to increase the cultivation of fish, good fish cultivation in ponds, paddy fields, ponds, and others.
in cultivation did not always run smoothly and often encounter obstacles. therefore below we will mention some of the key to success in fish farming. is as follows:

1. selection of appropriate farming locations
adequate water sources and available throughout the year, the slope of the best pool area so as to facilitate the entry process and disposal of pool water.

2. location far from sources of pollution or waste
if the source of the contaminated pond water will result in decreased water quality, so the fish grow less well.

3. access to the pool location is easy.
Pool area is easy to visit, it is concerned at the ease in fish marketing.

4. fish culture techniques to master
need to know how to fish culture, fish preservation techniques concerns, technical pest fish diseases, water quality engineering, construction techniques.

5. employee management
employee management arrangements need to master, it relates to professional employees.

6. market access
market not far from the location of cultivation, consider the needs of the surrounding community.

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