Selasa, 09 Februari 2010

where the cultivation of eels in the drum

where the cultivation of eels in the drum

fish culture is now no longer be cultivated on a large place, but now many other alternatives that can be done in order to maintain the fish in a relatively small place. cultivation of fish in a small area can be done at a place and a particular fish species, maintenance of media that can be used to preserve fish in the narrow land that is able to use a plastic drum, for the type of fish usually use fish that are relatively resistant to low water conditions / bit and fish species are resistant to low oxygen conditions, why do so because the maintenance of media stored on a narrow land generally located at a location which is usually populated minimal water resources.
species of fish that can be cultivated on a small area of one eel, eels can be kept in the tub and the drum that the media has been adjusted to maintain natural habitat in nature.

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