Rabu, 06 Januari 2010

Calcification and tilapia fish pond fertilization

Calcification and tilapia fish pond fertilization

These activities carried out after the pool dried for three days. drying function to turn off the life cycle of pests (predators, contender and destroyers) and to improve soil structure and texture in order to become fertile and friable.

bottom salinity done before Calcification activity and purpose of fertilizing ponds to kill germs. The salt used is krosok salt (NaCl). Calcification is to increase soil pH, lime is used the Dolomite lime (CaCO3MgCO3). the amount of salt and lime are used, each for 50 g/10M2 to the pool wall and 1.5 kg / 150m2 of land to ponds.

pond fertilization carried out in order to grow natural feed. use of fertilizer manure (chicken manure) for 2 kg/10m2 to pool walls and pool 30 kg/150m2 to land. lime and fertilizer salts were scattered evenly over the bottom surface of the pond.

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