Kamis, 21 Januari 2010

Cleaning the fish pond embankment soil

Cleaning the fish pond embankment soil

embankment pond cleaning activities carried out when the fish ponds will be used for fish cultivation. embankment pond is clean clean grass that grows on the edge of the pond embankment, the grass needs to be cleaned up and disposed of so as not to disturb the fish that will be cultivated especially for young fish. because if the grass is allowed to grow it is likely to be a nest of pests and predators such as snakes and others.
pond dikes can be cleaned using a hoe as shown in the photo above. cleaning the pool with the size 20 x 15 m 2 can be completed per day. Cultivation techniques carried out regularly. functions other than those mentioned above, the clearing of this pond dikes are also working to improve if there are damaged or embankment collapsed due to erosion

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