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fish species suitable for cultivation in the garden house

fish species suitable for cultivation in the garden house

fish cultivation in the courtyard of the house is keeping the fish in the area that are not so large that its location adjacent to the residence. media to maintain a fish pond in the courtyard of the house is usually made from the wall, nor can also use drums, tarps and carpet.

fish species suitable for yard upkeep in cultivated using a fish species resistant or tolerance to water quality, such as catfish, tilapia, mujair, eels. selected fish because fish cultivation media in the courtyard houses are relatively narrow, so that the water quality such as oxygen would not be perfectly good tersuplai by diffusion as well as input from the incoming water. these fish are relatively resistant to pool water conditions with low oxygen levels because these fish have an additional respirator is like Catfish. if for tilapia fish or mujair, this fish has a great tolerance for poor water quality but if we want to raise this fish or memijah the water quality requirements also need to be met.

eels can live to grow and develop in a narrow area, even if kept in the drum, as long as the media to maintain these eels be satisfied in accordance with the conditions of life in nature.

so in keeping the fish in the courtyard house is an alternative choice of how to farm fish on the grounds that the area of cultivation to be gone. and cultivation in the garden of this house fits developed in the city of cultivation is relatively narrow. benefits of fish culture in the courtyard of this house is but we can get revenue from the farming we can also help the needs of domestic fish consumption.


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