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Carp Fishing Bait And Tackle Tips To Catch More Big Fish!

Carp Fishing Bait And Tackle Tips To Catch More Big Fish!
by: Tim Richardson

Anyone can catch carp but it is only a small proportion of anglers that catch the biggest fish most frequently! To become one of this special group is the goal of countless carp anglers today. Here are a few very well proven innovative bait tips that you and your carp will find highly stimulating!

Firstly, how many of you use meat baits? Luncheon meat, spam, turkey grill, ham and similar meat baits were exceptionally popular baits in the past before boilies and pellets became all the rage and very many famous carp anglers learnt their trade using this along with bread, sweetcorn, specially-prepared high protein pastes, trout pellets and other fish and bird and pet food baits.

I ask this question because this is a neglected area in carp fishing today, now so many anglers exclusively are using baits like boilies, pellets, natural baits and particles like maggots, fake plastic boilies and rubber sweetcorn. Among the best aspects of meat baits is they are very easily available, are alternative baits that carp do not see all the time and so learn to deal better with and do not fear to the extent of many other bait formats.

One of the best features of meat baits such as luncheon meat is that it has an unusual rubbery texture, is high in attractive oils, yet is water soluble, is nutritious and can be flavoured too. Various bait companies offer flavoured luncheon meat and similar products. Everyone knows luncheon met is a proven bait for lots of species including carp, catfish and barbel in specimen sizes. There is lots you can do with it to improve results that the majority of anglers forget.

For instance you can exploit various brands in your free-baiting so it is far more effective, rather like using very soluble ground baits like tiny pellets. All you need to do is use a few different brands and see which spam and luncheon meats have more or less water content, fat content and actual meat content. Usually a guide to this is the order and percentage of such ingredients in order stated on the label, with the largest ingredients per volume stated first. This means that some meats with have far more water or fat in them compared to other and also less meat. The ones with more meat are often much less water soluble and are best for resilient hook baits, while the more water and fat-filled ones make for excellent free baits.

One of the big plusses about meats is you can cut them instantly into any size and shape you like and so make them harder for carp for instance to deal with. The various brands also vary in their relative densities and buoyancies and this can all be used in various ways to your advantage to hook many more fish. I began fishing luncheon meat in the Seventies by actually fishing tiny cubes on the point of a size 10 hook and using a light running lead rig, a hook link of only 3 or 4 inches, a tight line and a very light indicator on the line with the rod pointing straight at the lead. This produced so many carp for me compared to other methods that I still use variants of it using various baits in my fishing for carp today.

As meat can be cut, various specialist and homemade tools can be used to generate uniform or odd-shaped free baits. I really favour using 2 different brands of luncheon meat for instance within my ground baits and PVA bag mixes and big carp love it! I have always found that using nearly square or rectangular baits are much harder for carp to deal with and eject than all those uniformly round shaped baits that the majority use. In the Eighties I used to cut my boilies into squares and in so doing it made them smaller. Strangely enough, this resulted in captures of many carp that had not been caught for a long time, some often with smaller mouths than you would expect for their size, especially in regards to common carp.

I have also found over the years that using a much more water soluble meat bait in a large size on a hair immediately by the hook, and alongside a boilie or pop-up bait has worked wonders for tripping up many wary carp over thirty and forty pounds. I evolved this further and often make homemade balanced protein pastes which are peppered (literally) and liberally, with small pieces of luncheon meat and even tiny chopped bits of worms and sea foods such as mussels, scallops, prawns, squid, and others.

I often made homemade pastes using many forms of oily fish like tinned salmon, anchovies and sardines, mackerel and herring, tuna and cod roe and other goodies. I place my paste actually around the hook and around baits on the hair rig too. This works so well in obscuring the hook from wary eyes and when it breaks down leave an irresistible pile of tiny food items that really trigger feeding and seriously improve numbers of bites from big wary fish.

A variation on this is to prepare homemade balls of ground bait that have been super-boosted with very well chosen forms of amino acid-rich ingredients and additves which often make the soluble and digestible content of many readymade baits look pretty impotent by comparison! I could add things like nucleotide enhancers, amino-rich palatants and complexes of many kinds, flavoured oils, essential oils and many other liquids and additves.

I generally use the very most potent products I can source especially when it comes to making homemade hook baits and PVA bag type mixes. Soaking luncheon meat baits in cubes and cylinders etc (in various sizes) for a few days, in special preparations really works! You might just go for conventional additives hat carp get to experience all the time and may begin to be wise to, such as marine halibut pellet oil, tiger nut oil and extract. Take it from me that adding aniseed oil and fennel oil to meats makes all the difference in colder temperatures as well as being excellent for summer use in high levels!

I especially recommend you try always to be as different and alternative as possible in preparation of your baits because it is this that multiplies your catches of the bigger, older most experienced and wary carp, most of all! For starters you might make a liquid soak using Ccmoore Marine Amino Compound with Feedstim CP or Odyssey XP liquid.

I used to use Rod Hutchinson Shellfish Sense Appeal or Nash Strawberry or Peach palatants but I have found methods to make my own unique amino acid complexes from fermented liver and natural flavour compounds among other goodies that save me an absolute fortune in homemade bait and I very rarely use readymade baits.

I use things like kelp, yeasts and Robin Red to make my own homemade liquid extracts using various special techniques to make such things even more potently bioactive. I am keen on many flavours and flavour components although I research them all as much as possible in terms of their possible bioactivity and past track record, as well as sourcing ones not known by the majority through my horticultural and health food trade contacts developed over 30 years and more.

One product I really do rate at the top of my list for productivity and great value is the hydrolysed salmon protein from CW Baits. This used with a combination of their natural flavours, pure salmon oil, betaine HCL and liquid lecithins is a great starting point liquid for all homemade bait enthusiasts as well as those anglers wishing to differentiate and boost their readymade baits! For a vast amount of unique information on improving baits visit Baitbigfish. Good luck and tight lines!

By Tim Richardson.

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