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influence of water temperature on fish growth

influence of water temperature on fish growth

temperature affect the survival of fish, ranging from eggs, seeds reached adult size. water temperature will affect the process of hatching eggs and egg development.
water temperature is too low (cold) penetesan process resulted in the fish eggs will be slow, to maintain the optimum temperature so that the seeding of the intensive cultivation often use water heaters (heater) is commonly used in the aquarium or the like fiber. water temperature required for hatching the eggs of fish ranged between
25 to 30 degrees Celsius.

the natural rise and fall of water temperature is very influential on fish survival. changes in water temperature that is too extreme will adversely berdapat preserved fish.
consequently the fish become stressed, and when the fish are stressed then the fish will be susceptible to disease.

temperature will affect the growth rate of fish when the temperature is too low then the growth of fish kept will be slow growing, because if the temperature is low, fish metabolism will be slow and the fish will decrease appetite. temperature must be exactly the optimum range of 25 to 30 degrees Celsius


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