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tilapia fish which died as a result of poor water conditions

tilapia fish which died as a result of poor water conditions

Male tilapia fish (above) and female tilapia fish (below) who died as a result of poor water quality in the pond. tilapia fish death was not caused by disease or parasites, but this tilapia fish die because the water volume conditions slightly due to the source as a source of irrigation pond water does not flow.

at that time there was no water at all coming into the pond. so that the pool was not filled with water, and soil conditions slightly porous pond so the pond water decreased drastically, the pool was not able to hold water longer. soil conditions other than the ugly pond tilapia fish deaths are also caused by hot weather conditions, so the pool of hot water and shrink due to evaporation. With a shrinking pool of water the fish room to be small and the supply of oxygen for respiration of fish is reduced. with conditions such water fish tilapia could not survive and the fish become stressed, for 12 hours was dead tilapia fish.

in the event the above things that need attention to prevent or overcome in order to avoid mass deaths of:

1. if the source of water in the pool shrinks and there is no water coming at all then we must move quickly tilapia fish to another pond or tub previously prepared.

2. find out information to people, because if the unit is a source of fish pond water from the irrigation water shrinkage may occur in irrigation, water shrinkage may be caused by several things including the improvement of the irrigation dam, repair irrigation channels kirmir automatically when these improvements will water needs to be depreciated. depreciation on irrigation water can occur due to natural disasters such as floods that cause irrigation dike burst.

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