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several ways to increase fish growth

several ways to increase fish growth

improve fish growth means increasing the income of farming. Growth of the relatively short fish will accelerate the process of harvesting, so that the velocity of money is going fast.

ways to improve fish growth:

1. Feed

proper feeding and adequate will affect the growth process. Fish will grow if given the optimum feed appropriate to their needs, a good feed is the feed that contains complete nutrition, which is enough protein, fat, carbohydrates, vitamins. Nutrients that play a role in helping the process of growth of fish protein, because the protein responsible for driving growth. so as to buy food then the first thing to note is the protein content in the feed.

feeding should be enough no more and no less. When the feed was given less then the growth of fish will be slow, but if the feed given to fish, then this excess is not good, because if the feed is excessive and not eaten by fish that feed it will be rotten on the bottom, so that will reduce pond water quality, so the fish will be susceptible to disease.
adequate feeding is in accordance with the needs of feed given per day ranged from 3 - 5% of the total weight of fish being kept.

2. Water Quality

good water quality will help the growth of fish. concerning water quality parameter, temperature, pH, oxygen, brightness, ammonia.
full of pool water quality is good for fish growth are:
1. temperature from 25 to 30 degrees Celsius
2. pH 6.5 to 8.5
3. Oxygen> 4 mg / l
4. Brightness from 25 to 30 cm
5. Ammoniak (NH3) <0.01 mg / l

3. Management and handling of fish will grow well if its management and handling well done. Good management is about the way feeding, control of water quality, pest and disease control, external control of environmental factors.

4. Descendants of good fish growth is the offspring of fish that has a good, clear stem, and seed selection of fish. So when will maintain the fish we have to know the origin of the fish

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