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Spawning behavior of fish

Spawning behavior of fish

As known that the reproductive activity can be divided into three phases ie pre-spawning phase, the phase of spawning, post-spawning phase. Based on this, the fish's behavior can be divided into the behavior of pre-spawning phase, fish behavior and phase behavior of spawning fish at post-spawning phase. Reproductive behavior is closely related to the nature of the fish itself. Is the fish protecting its offspring or not. Behavior of the offspring of fish that can be said to maintain relatively more variations than the fish ovipar, especially post-spawning behavior.

Various kinds of fish behavior in pre-spawning phase of which is: foraging activity, migratory, making nests, the secretion of pheromones (the introduction of the opposite sex, looking for a partner), seduction movements and others.

The behavior of fish in spawning phase of which is: Along with the expense of sexual products of fish that have to do touch the body parts, exotic motion with vibrating throughout the body, wrapping the body movements of fish or fish male female by the male fish, fish eggs by storing the male or female fish into the nest, cave, part of the body, the foam, plants and others.
Fish behavior in the post-spawning phase of which is to improve the closure of the nest, guarding nests containing eggs or fertilized eggs that are developing, away from spawning areas and others.

All the fish's behavior is resultante number of motor stimulation of the external stimuli and internal stimuli derived from the secretion of hormones, while external stimuli come from a variety of sources such as environmental factors, chemicals and etc., which are mediated through the sensory organs of the visual. Once the fish showed an actual action is a dynamic phenomenon, including the behavior of "hibernation" and "aestivasi" summer.

In addition to the functions in the regulation of behavior, hormone systems also regulate the development of secondary sexual characteristics are closely related to the interaction behavior. Which plays an important role in secondary sexual characteristics is produced gonadal steroids. This includes the body in spawning coloration as mate attraction, competition between the male fish, maintain reproductive isolation and structural forms in the body that includes the emergence of a kind of acne on the head during spawning, such modifications gonopodium fin fish including the nature of family poeciliidae sexual steroids affected fish.
Source: M. Ichsan Effendie, 1997

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